Root Division's annual TASTE event is an evening of artfully inspired food and drink made onsite by over 20 local chefs and mixologists. Each year this culinary fundraising event is presented in conjunction with a themed art exhibition. I had fun incorporating the existing Taste branding around The Alchemist, a group exhibition of artists whose practice includes alternative processes and the transformation of raw materials in unexpected ways. And so along with designing the brand identity, I was responsible for creating all of the marketing and event collateral.
Project Credits: Cover artwork image courtesy of Liz Hickok; design support by Sarah Kim; event documentation by Mido Lee Productions.
Event Highlights
Taste 2016 brought together contemporary alchemists--the chef, the baker, the barista and the mixologist to conjure up colorful experiments and irresistible concoctions, illuminating the magical transformations that occur both in the studio and in the kitchen. 
Event Collateral
A suite of informational event collateral that match the themed color palette and graphics. 
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